About Us

Welcome to Digital Kudos.

One of London’s leading digital marketing agencies.

We are a Digital Marketing agency based in City Road in London which is next to Shoreditch. With over 14 years of online marketing experience we can meet your needs whatever they are having worked on many big projects.

We like to get the best performance for the least amount of money for the clients and unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we offer exceptional value for performance. No matter what your budget is whether it’s £100 or £1000 we have a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Not to blow our own trumpets’ but as you can see from our website, we are good at what we do whether it’s website design or app development we have you covered.

If you would like to see some examples of our work feel free to visit our Portfolio page or you can ring us up on 020 3519 3736 to discuss further.

The reason for the name Digital Kudos is that we like to reward our clients with positive results hence the name ‘Kudos’. We also think it is very catchy.

If you cannot call us for some reason you can always email us at info@digitalkudos.co.uk. We will be sure to get back to you within 15 minutes of the email being sent.